Ducati to unveil next year’s lineup on October 23

Ducati has announced it will reveal its 2020 models at a special event on October 23, says Asphalt & Rubber.

The move flies in the face of long-established tradition. Most made-in-Italy motorcycles are unveiled at special events just before November’s EICMA show, and thus it has been since the dawn of time.

However, two Euro competitors (Triumph, BMW) both ended up announcing some major models ahead of the 2018 show circuit, and seemed to do just fine. And, no doubt they saved a lot of money.

This doesn’t mean Ducati won’t exhibit at EICMA, but they won’t have to spend as much money on a big pre-show launch presentation. Events like that are beginning to look more and more like a bad deal when you realize how much information about new models is leaked before the show (like last year’s BMW R1250 GS leaks, which started well before the show season).

What bikes will Ducati debut this year? The Multistrada V4 is almost a certainty, as is the Streetfighter V4 (pictured above). No doubt the 959 superbike lineup will also see some tweaks, and with Euro5 just around the corner, it’s likely the Monster lineup will also see some shifts.

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