Hot gossip: Honda about to announce Africa Twin with bigger engine


Honda is about announce a larger version of the Africa Twin, with an 1100-class engine—or so several websites are claiming.

Everyone’s keeping pretty hush-hush about where the information comes from (“it would be rash to reveal our source,” says Bennets). However, everyone’s more or less agreed that the new bike will be known as the CRF1100L, implying a larger engine (Cycle World claims 1084 cc). Supposedly, the new machine will see power boosted from 94 hp to 101 hp, and torque move from 73 lb-ft to 79 lb-ft.

Some moto-pundits believe the engine gains its capacity from an increased stroke. This would allow Honda to increase torque and capacity without making the cylinders any larger, a no-no in today’s world of tightening emissions laws. Larger cylinders tend to have more problems with oil ring deformation, which results in more blow-by, so increasing the stroke does make more sense.

Otherwise, the new bike is supposed to have an adjustable windshield, and have dimensions that are overall more-or-less the same as the older CRF1000L. The major exception is the weight; the non-Adventure Sports version weighs more, and this is possibly due to increased fuel capacity, Cycle World believes.

The new Africa Twin models are supposed to come in the same four basic configurations as the current machine: a standard Africa Twin, and an Adventure Sports model that’s configured for higher performance. Both bikes will be available in DCT and non-DCT configurations, making for four versions in total.

To be clear: No official announcement has come from Honda on this bike, and frankly, there’s been a bit of fake news circulating around the motojournalism scene lately. It’s unlikely this falls under that heading, though, as everyone who’s running this stuff seems pretty convinced of its source.  If we see spy shots of the new bike soon, not just a few specs, then we could be more sure of the news.


  1. There is more than enough 1000 + ADV bikes out there how about something smaller, like the CB 500 X with spoked wheels and a larger gas tank ( 20 liters ) and comes with hard bags and improved suspension. And put enough out there so every one who wants one can get one. It would be nice to get 600 Km per tank, then you could go any where in Canada with out caring extra gas. And have it come with bash plate and engine guards, that would be a machine that us old timers could use.

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