Behold the Honda ADV 150!


Honda has put together a very interesting adventure-style scooter for the Asian market, styled after the X-ADV adventure scooter.

Of course, the X-ADV is the maxi-scooter that’s built around the same engine as the NC750X and other machines from that series. There’s a DCT for twist-and-go throttle, and 17-inch front wheel, 15-inch rear wheel, with spoked rims.

The newer, smaller version is the Honda ADV 150, unveiled for the Asian market at a show in Indonesia last week. It’s powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, making about 14 hp and 11 lb-ft of torque. Instead of a DCT, it gets Honda’s V-Matic transmission. As you’d expect, it’s fuel-efficient, supposedly getting 46 km per litre for a range of 337 km.

The wheels are smaller than the X-ADV, with a 14-inch wheel up front and 13-inch wheel in rear. The rims are cast, not spoked, which saves money but reduces off-road longevity. The tires are knobby, but certainly not something you’d ride on an enduro race.

Combined braking is available, or buyers can also opt for ABS. Honda also included an idling start-stop system, which will shut the engine off at a stoplight to stop from wasting fuel, re-starting the engine when it’s time to go. The ADV 150 has LED gauges.

There’s a set of standard telescopic forks in front, and Showa shocks in rear. A 28-litre topbox is also available.

Now, will this machine make it to Canada? Probably not, but if it does, we’d actually expect considerable interest, if the price is right. But for now, the only step-through Honda is bringing in to Canada is the Ruckus.



  1. Honda has dropped the ball on not bringing the X-ADV to Canada. As for the ADV 150 coming to Canada, I doubt it as it is the same platform as the PCX 150, which they dropped a couple years ago.

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