BMW R nineT/5 is your latest retro prototype bike

BMW continues to look into its past to plot a course for its future, with the R nineT/5.

Specifically, the R nineT/5 is made to recall BMW’s classic /5 series, which appeared in the lineup at the transition period of 1969, when the company moved motorcycle production to its Berlin factory. That was 50 years ago, and this machine marks that anniversary.

The new bike won’t fool anyone; it’s obviously a new machine, not a classic, but it does have plenty of retro-tastic features that are pleasing to the eye. There’s a set of spoked wheels (17-inchers, front and rear), kneepads on the fuel tank, a stitched double seat with chrome trim and white piping, fork gaiters, lots of shiny trim, and a wide, standard handlebar, just as you’d expect on a machine from the late ’60s.

However, you also get heated grips, ABS and BMW’s proprietary Automatic Stability Control as standard equipment. as well as the 1,170 cc flat air/oil-cooled flat twin engine that BMW has been using for the R nineT lineup. That engine makes about 110 hp at 7,750 rpm and 116 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.

Supposedly, BMW was done messing around with the R nineT platform, or at least that’s what the company said last year. But if you wanted to get picky, you could say technical development of the line has indeed finished, as this bike is just new bodywork on the R nineT chassis and engine, unlike the R18, BMW’s other big-news retro boxer announcement in recent weeks, which is an all-new platform.

We haven’t seen any word on Canadian availability or pricing for this machine yet. It does seem to be destined for production, from what we can see.


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