The final Maddest Bastard has prevailed!

This past weekend, the final Mad Bastard Scooter Rally ran in the back roads around Peterborough, Ontario, with George Reichert taking the win in the event.

Reichart rode an Aprilia SR50 in the Straitjacket Class, as part of the Checkered Drags team. He earned 942 points, and as he missed the first chance for bonus points (a white water rafting excursion), he had to complete the bonus loop instead, for extra mileage.

For his inspired heroics, Reichart won a Kymco New Sento 110i and a case of beer. As it was the end of the MBSR, Reichart can also go down in history as the rally’s final, and therefore undefeated champion.

Second place went to Jim Louter, also in the Straitjacket class, with 907 points.



  1. Big, big congratulations to George on his win. Other members of the team were Todd McAlary, Jim Louter and Ward P. By the way we made it back before 11 from doing the bonus loop; Todd had to be back by that time in order to not be disqualified given his bigger scooter.

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