Quebec’s motorcycle fee hikes result in protest at legislature


Motorcyclists in Quebec have had enough of ridiculously high government fees, and on Sunday, they protested at the provincial legislature to get that message out.

Quebec, already known for bloodthirsty provincial motorcycle registration fees, is currently planning to continue to raise the price until 2021. At the low end, motorcyclists are already paying more than $275 to register a small-capacity bike (125 cc or less), and at the high end, registration fees can be more than $1,500 for superbikes.

CBC says the Coalition des Motocyclistes du Quebec has already taken action against the price hikes, circulating a petition last year that gathered 75,000 signatures. It wasn’t enough, as the provincial government went ahead and continued its planned rate hikes. So the Coalition took things to the next level, organizing yesterday’s protest at the legislature. Although we haven’t seen a solid number on attendance yet, CBC says hundreds were in attendance (we heard 550 bikes showed up).


  1. I wonder though if the quoted amount in Ontario depends on the TYPE of bike being insured. I drive a ZX14R and in Ontario I believe that some insurance companies won’t even consider insuring it. I used to have a Bandit 1200 in Ontario and it was costing me quite a bit to insure. Food for thought….
    I live in Quebec now….yes the price is high…yes you still need insurance on top of the plate no fault insurance. I did a test recently and insurance for this bike was starting around 3,000$. Maybe could have had cheaper in shopping around…..

  2. Wow I am glad to live in Alberta, when I had 5 bikes this spring (now have 3), all in I paid less than the one bike I used to have in Quebec (used for visiting). 3 of the bikes had full insurance to boot. Plus if/when I get caught for speeding in BC I pay money, but no points!! The best of all worlds, except I have to ride 500 km from Calgary to get to good roads. No big deal on my RT, 5 hrs, although I now try really hard not to exceed the 40 over lest I could get my bike impounded. As always, I pick my spots. Cam

    • The government side is to make more money by a law which with they can “predict” the number of accidents for the year incoming and then ajust the cost of immatriculation with it. So, if you “predict” more accidents than the actual number, you get profit.

  3. I know that it’s unfair because we bikers have to pay more than cars and truck drivers. I know that it makes no sense that we also pay double for the driver’s license as well. I know that it’s totally unfair that when we get a penalty on our bike licence, the penalty is doubled because they apply it separately to the car license… it’s all really unfair.


    The cost of a Quebec license plate, even if way more expensice than in other provinces, comes with its own insurance which the private insurance we have to get does not need to cover.

    Private insurers in Ontario have to charge more because they have to cover privately the portion that the Quebec SAAQ covers.

    For example, I ran a quick quote in Quebec and in Ontario for the same year-make- model new motorcycle (I picked a KTM Superduke R).
    In Ontario, the Insurance was quoted as 1438.00$ per year.
    In Quebec, the same bike was quoted as 697.00$ per year.

    So… yes I have to pay something like 400$ more for my license plate in Quebec, but the difference is more than made up by the greatly reduces cost of the private insurance…

    That is a very unpopular opinion… but it’s just the truth.

    • That’s why i didn’t sign the petition (present or past). I’d love to pay less … But… i have to see the 2 sides of the story. I traded in my 2 bikes in 2006 to get a new bike because of the raise. Back then, i swore to myself to never own more than one bike at a time. Sad thing.

    • I hope you included the Civil insurance in your math for the Insurance package from Quebec???. Withe the numbers I only see the SAAQ part of the insurance. I just spent a week in Ontario talking to Ontario Biker’s when you include ALL expenses it’s cheaper to ride a Bike in Ontario. That’s not counting the price of gas and the quality of the Ontario Roads. The Disadvantages of the Quebec « NO FAULT » program !!!??? You Cannot bring someone to court, Your Bike permit is considered a different permit BUT you get a speeding ticket with YOUR CAR you also loose points for your Bike permit. So a car owner would lose 3 demerits but a Bike and car owner with the 2 permits looses 6 points demerits so 2 years of increased insurance and permit costs. So PAT i do’nt know where you get your numbers Having a Brother in Ottawa I DO THE NUMBERS GAME REGULARLY AND IT’S STILL IS CHEAPER TO RIDE IN ONTARIO. I’m sure it’s a very unpopular opinion cause the FACTS does’nt support you OPINION

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