Husqvarna announces updated 2019 dual sports, enduros


Husqvarna has updated its enduro and dual-sport lineups again, with engine and chassis upgrades for 2020.

All 2020 Husqvarna machines have new frames (more rigidity) and subframes (less weight), and aluminum cylinder head mounts are supposed to reduce vibration.

Husky also included new shock linkages and bodywork, and revised settings on their WP suspension. According to the press release, “WP XPLOR front forks and WP XACT shocks offer simple adjustment, more consistent damping and better resistance to bottoming,” thanks to new internal pistons. The suspension linkages have been revised to allow a lower seat height, and also supposedly improving control. The seats have also been updated, putting riders closer to the ground.

Wiring harnesses and exhausts have been updated for 2020, and Husqvarna says all four-stroke engines have been updated to improve rideability.

Bodywork has also been updated across all Husqvarna models.

According to Husky, the FE 501s and FE 350s (off-road only) are now lighter, with more aggressive engine mapping. The TE250i and TE300i (two-stroke, fuel-injected offroaders) get new cylinders and a slightly different engine mounting position, and Husqvarna has also introduced the new TE150i, a fuel-injected version of its two-stroke 150. Two-stroke fuel injection might have been the stuff of fiction only a couple of years ago, but it seems to be the future at this point.

The Husqvarna TE models will be in dealerships in July, with FE and FEs models arriving in September.

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