Edmonton announces new loud pipes plan

The whole province of Quebec is arming up against loud pipes, thanks to a new government pilot project. Photo: www.motocarr.com

A few days back, we told you Edmonton seemed to be gearing up for Round 5 in its battle against loud pipes. Now, we’ve got an idea of what the city’s strategy is.

According to the National Post, the city is indeed planning to go ahead with automated noise ticketing installations—in other words, the “noise cameras” that failed to achieve their desired effect last summer. But Edmonton won’t just rely on the cameras to hand out tickets; the city also plans to have a peace officer manning the stations, to satisfy provincial ticketing regulations.

The automated equipment is designed to single out motorists (including cars and trucks) who are putting out more than 85 dB of noise, and then issue them a $250 ticket, says the Post.

In case you’re wondering why Edmonton gets so hot and bothered about motorcycle noise every year, it seems a lot of the impetus for the crackdown comes from city councillor Scott McKeen, who rides a Vespa. Despite his two-wheeled interests, McKeen says if the current actions don’t have the desired effect, the city’s leaders may have to look at banning motorcycles from the city core.


  1. Down on the lake here in Toronto’s wild west end, open-pipe Harleys come out in the warm weather and blast back and forth on Lakeshore Boulevard… what a noise!
    Thankfully they don’t actually RIDE anywhere, heheh. Mostly parked at Timmy’s.
    When you’re up close to these guys, you can see they’re all like ~seventy years old!
    They sure love their noise though (especially setting off car alarms) LoL
    It’s like sport to them…

  2. I’d be interested to see how they can pin-point a source from a distance on a busy city street.
    But I’m sympathetic to the noise haters in the country. I remember staying at a golf resort at Mt.Tremblant in the summer and having to listen to open pipe harley’s farting away from the village to the highway. They can’t move fast enough so the noise just hangs like a stink in the air forever.

  3. Motorcycles are banned from old Quebec City for one reason – the noise that many motorcycles make, in particular cruisers (and to be even more exact, Harleys). Thanks a lot “loud pipes save lives” idiots. Though it didn’t stop a group of these fools from riding through when I was there some years ago, watching a busker.

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