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Welcome to Friday Fudge, where we bring you all the best motorcycle content of the Internet. Well, not actually the best, more the weirdest, and some of it is definitely the worst. You decide.

You’ve heard of Florida Man, right? The ongoing quest to find the wackiest story involving a misguided man from the Sunshine State? Here’s a photo (above) that is an excellent fodder, just the sort of thing, apparently shot by a Florida Woman (who you rarely hear of in the news), running down I95, laying back in his bike’s seat and steering with his legs. You can see the short video here at Fox News, where the Florida Woman says that “She thinks that the motorcycle driver looked like he had done this a million times, as he was very confident and completely stable.” Hey, what could go wrong? Worst possible scenario, this guy could end up immortalized as one of the most famous Florida Men of all time.

Burger time

Hate gridlock? Hungry? Burger King has a solution, as long as you live in Mexico City. At first when we saw this, we thought it was a parody, but no, it appears to be real! But even if it’s a clever parody, it’s still a solid idea. Time to bring lanesplitting to the GTA? We could maybe get Tim Hortons to lobby for this as a coffee delivery method on the DVP.

According to the Washington Post, Burger King is already carrying out 7,000 deliveries a day in Mexico City with its new delivery service, although most Whoppers are going to homes and offices. However, as this video shows, the idea of in-car ordering in the middle of a traffic jam can work, and Burger King’s pilot project is proving that. Just think, if we had lanesplitting in Canada, you could be ordering food from your car, too.  Or you could just get on your bike and ride between cars to get to the restaurant yourself …

Green technology

Let’s be honest here: Is there anyone who’s ridden a dirtbike who hasn’t wondered how much fun it would be to rip up a golf course with those knobbies?

Of course, most of us are too polite and law-abiding and considerate to commit such a heinous offence. However, if you want to ride a motorcycle down the greens, you may soon have an option to do so, and it’ll be sanctioned by the golf course — they’ll be making money off it, thanks to the Finn Cycle.

The Finn Cycle from Sun Mountain Sports is an alternative take on the traditional golf cart. With two wheels instead of four, the Finn Cycle is made for a solo golfer, with space between the seat and handlebar to strap down your clubs. It’s electric, naturally, so noise is at a minimum, and those wimpy turf tires aren’t going to shred the green. But still, maybe it’ll make golf slightly more interesting?

Ed marches on

Of course, C90-borne madman Ed March wrapped up his Alaska-Argentina-with-a-side-trip-across-Canada trip some time ago, but it’s taking him a while to publish his travel vids, due to the realities of YouTube economics (Translation: Nobody’s paying him to make them, so he has to focus on money-making activities).

With that said, here’s Ed’s latest update, a 35-minute romp through Central America. As always, viewer discretion is advised, as there’s likely to be content featuring Ed’s bare behind, or a drawing of a willy, or … you get the idea.

NYPD Blues

The police in the US have a challenging job, what with all those inner city punks running around on illegal dirt bikes. The sensible thing to do would be to confiscate them, whenever you get a chance! And then, ride it off to an impound location. Unless, of course, you don’t know how to ride a dirtbike …

Taxi time

Your ride awaits.

So you find yourself in Mogadishu for the weekend, as one does. And you want to jet from one nightclub to the other all weekend long, but you’re short on cash. A standard taxi would be too pricey, and besides, they’ve all been booked up by the UN and other foreign aid workers who are busy blowing through their budgets. Who to turn to?

Now, you can turn to the just-released Go! app, and hire yourself a moto-taxi that works along the same lines as Uber. Motorcycle taxis are nothing new to Africa, but they’ve never been this organized before. Go! drivers have a sort of uniform, and the 20-strong fleet of motorcycle taxis seems to have the same paint job as well — all very cosmopolitan, at least by the standards of Mogadishu.

So, what was the impetus behind this service? Why start a motorcycle taxi e-hailing service? According to the founder, he realized the need for more organized transportation services when a friend almost missed his own wedding, when he couldn’t find a ride. Now, he’s been the inspiration for a business that’s growing (Go! hopes to have 50-75 bikes in the coming months, says Quartz Africa). That’s much better than the all-too-common “my wife made me sell my motorcycle” we so often hear after weddings in Canada …


  1. Of course the moron, riding the 2 wheeled golf cart would have a “man bun”; couldn’t find a “normal” person & where the f*ck is his helmet? I don’t see a Turban

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