Indian reveals motorcycle rental program


Indian has kicked off a new motorcycle rental program, but for now, it’s only available in the US.

The rental program offers riders a chance to take out current-model Indians, all the way from the entry-level Scout Sixty all the way through the Roadmaster and other big-bore brutes. From some digging around on the websites of participating dealers, it seems not every model will be available at every location, but it also appears that most dealers will have a fairly wide selection.

Customers can rent a bike for half a day ($89 US, for the lowest-price models), a full day ($169 US for the most expensive models), or even several weeks.

For now, only nine US dealers are signed on to the program, including three in California, two in Tennessee, and one apiece for Georgia, Texas, Missouri and Virginia. If the program is successful in those locations, we’d expect to see it expanded to other dealerships, and also (hopefully) other countries, like here in the Great White North.

Of course, Indian’s main competitor, Harley-Davidson, does have rental operations running out of some of its dealerships, and also has strong ties to the EagleRider rental program. In North America, a Harley-Davidson is probably the easiest motorcycle to rent. Given the brand’s ties to Americana, it’s also the brand most overseas visitors are looking to get their hands on. Can Indian change that, and maybe attract a few new customers during the process? We’ll see!

For more details on Indian’s program, visit the rental website.

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