Lito unveils updated Sora e-bobber

Montreal-based electric motorcycle maker Lito has announced the second-gen version of its e-bobber, at more than double the price of its first machine.

The updated Sora has a whole host of improvements, including more powerful 18 kWh battery which supposedly offers 50 per cent more range as well as increased power output and increased range. The new liquid-cooled, three-phase permanent magnet AC motor (the previous motor used an excited coil setup) is supposed to be good for 108 hp and 66 lb-ft of torque—not bad, but certainly not up to the output of some of the battery bikes that have come onto the market lately.

Such is the theme with the rest of the bike! The Lito website has an emphasis on “LIGHTWEIGHT CARBON FIBER COMPONENTS FOR PEAK  PERFORMANCE” and “EXCLUSIVE ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE SEAT,” but the actual battery range and recharge times, the numbers that really determine this bike’s capability, aren’t quite as emphasized. However, if the bike does have half as much range again as the original, that would put it at 150 kms of highway riding and 300 kms of city riding on a single charge. Again, not bad, but also not really that outstanding when compared to the competition.

What is outstanding, though, is the price. MSRP for the original Lito Sora started at $46,399 CAD. MSRP for the updated version is $82,250 USD. That works out to about $110,000 CAD, roughly three times the cost of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire. If nothing else, then, the bike will excel in the role of flashy butt jewelry. With only 20 bikes expected to be made in this series, exclusivity is guaranteed.


  1. I can buy four or five quality modern motorcycles for 110,000 CAD, and make it to the next town without needing to recharge. Maybe if I was independently wealthy!
    I don’t know what the problem is with making an electric motorcycle that people might actually be able to afford.

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