Yamaha recall


Recall #: 2019186
Models Involved: 2014-2018 Yamaha XTZ1200 Super Tenere
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain motorcycles, the removable hard saddlebags do not have side reflectors. When the saddlebags are mounted, the motorcycle’s side reflectors cannot be seen.
Correction: Yamaha will notify owners by mail and provide two rear side reflectors along with installation instructions


  1. Sounds more like an excuse to attract customers to the stores. I bet they’re not overcrowded to see the Niken these days…

    • Transport Canada compliance. I once had to spend a few days in a warehouse full of side-by-side UTVs peeling the lids off the crates, sticking on reflectors and tossing bilingual warning label packages in the glove boxes. Whatever it takes to keep the guv happy, right ?

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