The Moto Social moves to Halifax, Saint John


The Moto Social is growing again, moving to Canada’s east coast!

Starting in the GTA, the Moto Social might be Canada’s biggest motorcycle culture export these days. The concept of a semi-organized hangout for the motocurious has been extremely successful across  Canada, and overseas. Moto Social isn’t just Canadian now; there are events in the US, New Zealand, Germany, Hungary, and South Africa.

Cool stuff indeed, but what about the smaller cities on Canada’s east coast? Turns out Moto Social organizers figured they deserved their own piece of the action, as both Halifax and Saint John are now getting Moto Social events this year.

Saint John’s events will run the second Thursday of every month, May through September 7-9 PM. The location will change each month, as in other towns. The Saint John event is being organized by Kristin Munro and Sean Doucet. As with the other events, everyone’s invited to come out, even if they don’t have a motorcycle. The first event in Saint John will run at BunkHaus Hostel on May 9. More details on the Saint John events at the website.

Then, Halifax’s Moto Social runs the last Wednesday of the month, from May through September, 7-9 PM. Organized by Kira McWilliams, Jodie McIsaac & Jenn Knocton, the idea is the same: a different location each month, on the same timeslot. The location will be announced a couple weeks ahead of time, and that means we’re still waiting for the reveal for the first event in Halifax, which runs May 29. Keep an eye on the Moto Social Halifax website, and you’ll see that information soon.

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