Made-in-China electric Ducati scooter coming


If the Internet hype is true, Ducati will soon be putting its name on made-in-China electric scooters.

According to Electrek, and dozens of other EV and motoring websites, Ducati has signed a deal with Vmoto, a Chinese manufacturer, to produce an electric scooter carrying the Ducati brand. The machine would be a luxury version of the CUx electric scooters already produced by Vmoto, and according to Electrek, would be sold through the Vmoto dealership network, with Ducati responsible for branding and marketing. The machine would be a “Ducati edition” of the existing model, it seems, and likely not sold through traditional Ducati dealerships.

Currently, the 2019 CUx electric scooter has a top speed of 45 km/h and a 85-km range from a 1.8 kWh battery. Recharge time is 7-8 hours, claims the company’s website. It’s powered by a 3.75 hp Bosch hub motor, says Electrek, and comes with a front-facing camera that can handle dash cam duties or record ride footage for social media.

So, is it true? Hard to say; Ducati has indeed said it’s going to build electric two-wheelers in the future, and has even built battery-powered bicycles, but this seems like a really weird direction. Despite the company’s need to invest in EVs, it’s hard to see a wimpy made-in-China scooter being a real brand-builder for Ducati. But, if the news is true, then time will tell. There’s certainly lots of hype about the deal online, including several references to a surge in struggling Vmoto stock values since the news was announced …


  1. Apparently the leadership at Ducati missed all the lessons about diluting/devaluing your brand in a self destructive manner.

  2. Given the prestige and performance orientation of Ducati, do they really want to dumb down their marque by putting their name on this? Even Harley has them beat in the EV sector with their Livewire. April Fool’s Ducati?

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