Stay safe: Aftermarket blind spot warning device is available soon


Want lane detection on your motorcycle, but it’s not offered by the factory? No worries. The Senzar can help you out.

There’s lots of hype about manufacturers like Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, etc., working on lane detection, crash avoidance and other rider safety aids. However, this stuff hasn’t hit the market, for the most part. You do see some higher-end two-wheelers with blind spot warning devices, like the C650 GT scooter.

So what if you’ve got an older bike, or the tech isn’t available for your machine? That’s where Taiwanese company CUB comes in. CUB has developed the Senzar blind spot warning system that functions as a bolt-on accessory. You attach the rear-facing sensors to your motorcycle, then add the warning lights to your mirrors. You can also opt for a vibrating seat option, which is intended to alert you of danger, but just sounds weird, and would probably be a major disruption if you were stuck in stop-and-go traffic.

Like just about every independently-developed electronic gadget these days, the Senzar is available for pre-sale before actually hitting retail venues. It’s available for “UP TO 50% OFF” now, if you pay up front as an early adopter, which should give you an idea of the markups involved here! Alas, the pre-purchase option is still a hefty $399 USD, which is a lot more expensive than good old-fashioned shoulder checks.


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