More Indian FTR1200 models coming


It’s a non-shocker, but the latest from the online moto-spies has Indian planning to release more machines based around its FTR1200 platform, as well as a new touring bike.

Motorbike Writer has published a snap of a dealer brochure that appear to tip an upcoming adventure bike and streetfighter using the FTR1200’s V-twin (1203 cc V-twin, with 120 hp and 85 lb-ft, in case you’d forgotten).  The streetfighter would be released sometime this year, and the adventure bike is slated for release next year.

The brochure also talks about a new touring cruiser called the Raptor (a name that’s already been trademarked in some markets), and which would no doubt be powered by the liquid-cooled V-twin spotted in patent drawings earlier this month.

The brochure indicates the new touring cruiser will have a 1770 cc engine, and make 120 hp.

According to the brochure, there will be two different versions of the FTR1200 motor in use in the new models, one with a five-speed gearbox, and another with a six-speed gearbox.

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