Max Biaggi plans to tackle land speed record

Max Biaggi: the super-talented roadracer (two-time World Superbike champ) has kind of faded from the racing scene, but now he’s talking about a comeback. But, not on a track! Nope, the Roman Emperor is talking about land speed racing.

According to Top Gear’s website, Biaggi is teaming up with French manufacturer Voxan for a land speed record attempt on Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flat.

In recent years, Voxan hasn’t been very prolific, and is probably best-known for some interesting cafe racers it’s produced. However, the machine Biaggi plans to race is built along much different lines; it’s a battery bike, partially streamlined, called the Wattman. Biaggi’s supposed to run this bike at Bolivia in 2020 in an attempt to break the world electric motorcycle speed record.

The number to beat, for now, is 328 km/h, set by Lightning with its SB220 back in 2013. According to Top Gear,¬† “the rules state that the bike can only be partially streamlined, must weigh less than 300kg and can only be one-wheel¬†drive.”

Frankly, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen this record beaten in the past six years, as there have been plenty of bikes that have beat that speed record over the years. Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know in a few months if Biaggi tops it.

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