Here’s another look at the BMW sport tourer project

For months now, we’ve seen spy shots and other gossip hinting at a new BMW sport tourer. Now, renderings filed for design protection in Brazil seem to indicate the bike is indeed coming, even if it’s taking its time. found these shots filed away in South America, and they jive with what we’ve been seeing ever since the 9cento concept first appeared last year. BMW is taking its new 850 parallel twin engine and putting it into a sport tourer. Logical, really, and something we’ve expected ever since we first saw the F850 GS. Frankly, we expected this bike on last fall’s show circuit. We’d be shocked if it didn’t show up at EICMA this year, with availability next spring.


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  1. I like the look, but I agree with Dean that it seems like a direct copy from the Ducati playbook. Also, there seems to be a dearth of area to mount luggage.

    P.S. – I’m gonna be that guy and point out that it should be ‘jibe’, not jive. That is, unless you really are thinking of dancing.

  2. This old guy loves his BMW R1200RT, have not seen any bike yet that will change my mind. I love the shaft drive, cruise control, great handling and weather protection. This past Saturday I rode from Van to Cowtown, 1,000 km in 11 hours. Temps on the Coquihalla down to -1.5, no problem. Got finished, not tired. For all around sport touring it is the best bike I have owned. I rode the previous F800GT, did not like it. Engine was so buzzy at all rpm, hopefully the new 850 has fixed this problem. I like the MG V85, I truly hope they are reliable and sell well for MG. C

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