Royal Enfield Bullet Trials series unveiled

Royal Enfield has just unveiled its new scramblers, the Bullet Trials Works Replica series.

Based on the existing 350 cc and 500 cc Bullet models, with air-cooled single-cylinder engines and EFI, the new Trials-series bikes aren’t actual trials bikes. They are reminiscent of the old-school scramblers that ran in trials events in days gone by, before those machines were specialized to the point they are now.

The main difference between the Trials series and standard Bullet models appears to be knobby tires, vintage offroad-style upswept exhaust (not high-mounted, like modern bikes), fork gaiters and other mostly visual cues. They have 19-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels. Dual-channel ABS is standard.

Despite the more ruggedized looks, these bikes are not made for hardcore offroad trail-bashing; low-mount fenders and lack of true long-travel suspension will keep speeds down when off-pavement.

If the engines are the same tune as the other Bullet models, the 350 should make about 20 hp, and the 500 should make about 28 hp. Both engines have a five-speed transmission.

Visually, the bikes are easy to tell apart, with the 350 coming with a red frame and the 500 coming with a green frame. Otherwise, the bikes sport chromed or silver-painted bodywork, to appeal to the vintage market. From what we’ve gleaned out of reports of the media launch, a respectable amount of add-on accessories (luggage racks, headlight guards, number plates, etc.) will be available.

So far, we’ve seen no word on Canadian pricing or availability for these bikes.


  1. There is no parts availability for Canada and I am sure one cannot get any new RE in Canada. I have been trying for 2 years to get a sprocket for my 2010 Electra here in Canada or in the US, but cannot get one. Only way to get parts is buying them on ebay from East India.
    That’s very poor

    • If I were to guess, I’d say it’s because this is a new SKU for their old production facilities.

      And because they’re expecting to sell a crap tonne of Interceptors in the global market and want to make sure they have the new motors for them.

      I would expect to see something a little more adventure bike like with the new motor in a year or three.

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