Leatt launches mil-spec riding goggles

Leatt, the company best-known for its neck braces aimed at the off-road riding market, has just launched a new range of mil-spec riding goggles.

The Velocity 6.5 range of goggles are built to meet the US military’s MIL-DTL-43511D ballistic impact standard, meaning they might not shrug off high-velocity rifle rounds, but they’re certainly capable of deflecting any sort of flying debris you’d encounter while riding.

The goggles also have dual-pane lenses, to stop from fogging, with 170º of peripheral vision. The lenses are available in different tints, with light transmission ranging from 22 per cent to 83 per cent, and they’re supposed to be easily removable for cleaning.

The frames are made of dual-density material to better fit the rider’s head, and provide a comfortable seal. All the goggles are made for an over-the-glasses fit, and come with a 50 mm anti-slip strap.

There are three different models of goggles in the range: The 6.5 (79.99 USD), the 6.5 Iriz (89.99 USD), and the 6.5 Roll-Off (99.99 USD). We haven’t seen Canadian availability yet, but they’ll be available here sooner or later, and if you can’t find a local dealer, chances are they’ll be easily available from the US.

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