Help Motorcycle Man finish post-production

Haven’t you always wanted to be like one of the Medici family? We wouldn’t recommend all the murder and financial chicanery, but if you fancy being a patron of the arts, now is your time to shine—you can help Motorcycle Man finish post-production.

Motorcycle Man is a short documentary film telling the story of Dave Roper, a Long Island-based vintage racer, part of the infamous Team Obsolete. Roper’s a fixture in the North American roadracing scene, having raced every single year since 1972. The obligatory CanCon tie-in sees the film following Roper to Mosport Canadian Tire Motorsport Park as he chases corners. Maybe you’ve met him there yourself, or at some other track?

Anyway—sounds like a ripping good film, certainly more watch-worthy than a Biker Boyz re-run. But there’s a problem: The film’s in post-production now, and the creators need to raise funds to finish it.

Here’s where you can help out. Donations to get the film finished are tax-deductible, the creators say, and at this point, they’re are offering various other incentives as well. As per the website: “For a donation of $50 or more, we’ll add your name to the credits and this website as a supporter. We’re also offering posters autographed by Dave for donations of $100, autographed postcards for $50, refrigerator magnets for $35, and digital downloads of the film for $25.”

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