The Triumph Daytona 765 TFC is coming, says the rumour mill


According to the latest Internet buzz, Triumph is indeed planning to put its 765 cc triple into a Daytona for paying customers.

When Triumph announced it would be providing 765 cc three-cylinder engines to Moto2, the questions began: How long until we see that engine in a street bike? The Daytona, when it disappeared from the lineup, still used the standard 675 cc liquid-cooled triple.Triumph was able to build a hot-rod version for Moto2, surely they could do the same for average customers?

We fully expected to see such a machine with a larger engine debut at the 2018 EICMA show, but no such luck. Since then, though, we’ve seen a few spy photos of what appears to be a 765 cc version of the Daytona undergoing road testing. Seems Triumph really isn’t ignoring the customer base?

Then, there’s this rumour published on Asphalt & Rubber. A&R says insiders claim there’s a  765 cc Daytona coming which will use the Moto2 engine, but for now, it’s going to be part of Triumph’s TFC line of factory customs. Along with the hot engine, the TFC version of the bike will have upgraded suspension and wheels. And, alas, it will be track-only.

True? Maybe. There’s certainly a movement afoot towards building track-only sportbikes, with KTM, Aprilia and Ducati all working on bikes that are intended for roadracing first, with street legality an afterthought, or just plain left out. Bikes in this price range (probably over $25k CAD) are toys anyway, and there’s less and less opportunity to ride them on the street. If you’ve got the money to pay for the bike, you’ve got the money to play on-track. Welcome to the future.

But take heart, street riders! A&R is saying we might see the TFC version of the 765 for 2020, but there should be a street-legal version by 2021. It won’t be as rad, but it probably also won’t be as expensive, and you can rip and tear cruise responsibly down public streets on it as you wish. Stay tuned!

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