Check out these Canadian motorcycle rallies this summer

Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting

Southern Ontario, May 23-26 / South-Central BC, July 11-14

Canada isn’t really known for exporting moto-culture, but the world of Horizons Unlimited is one exception to that rule. Started by globetrotters Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited is, according to its website, “THE premier source for information on motorcycle and overland adventure travel since 1997.” Horizons Unlimited shares that information through its Facebook page, its forum (the HUBB), and in events all over the world, including here in Canada. There are different kinds of Horizons Unlimited events held all over the world, but the most popular here in Canada are the Travelers Meetings and the Mountain Madness rallies.

Travelers Meetings offer lectures and seminars from riders, discussing their experiences on the road or other expertise, but if presentations aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of moto-travelers there to just hang out with. These aren’t adrenaline-charged riding events, but if you want to learn how to hack life on the road, this is a good place to start, especially if you’re into motorcycle vagabonding. It’s a good place to meet similarly-minded people.

This year, there are two Travelers Meetings in Canada, one at Ontario’s Golden Lake Beach Resort May 23-26, and one in Nakusp, BC, July 11-14.

As for adrenaline-charged riding events: That falls under the Mountain Madness department. These events have an emphasis on off-road riding, as a navigation challenge for teams of 2-4 riders. There aren’t any scheduled in eastern Canada this year, but they’ve been held in the past, and will be back. Horizons Unlimited does say this spring’s Ontario meet-up has some riding in the Ganaraska area to provide at least a bit of a feel for what a Mountain Madness event feels like. Meanwhile, there’s one in Nakusp, BC, on July 19-21, following the Travelers Meeting the week before.


  1. Me and my cousins go to the Atlanticade Rally in Moncton, NB. held the third week of june. Great folks running it, well organized and they break up large group rides into smaller groups of 25, which is safer and gives you a chance to get to know the folks your riding with. Don’t miss it.

  2. Is this a printed magazine or just on line?? Reason I ask is my wife and 6 of her friends are on the cover and would love to get them a copy for a keep sake.

  3. There *IS* a Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness (HUMM) in Canada (BC) this year!! HUMM Monashees, July 19-21, 2019, also in Nakusp, BC… the weekend after the Canwest Travellers Meeting, so may as well make a family holiday of it. The dual sport and off-road riding in the area is stellar.

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