Rumour: Honda working on a bigger Africa Twin

The latest bit of adventure bike gossip to hit the Internet says Honda is planning a revamp of its Africa Twin adventure bike.

Although the Japanese factories are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to projects under development, this is the second such rumour we’ve had this week, with an earlier report of an updated Suzuki DR Big on its way.

So what would an updated Africa Twin entail? According to rumours published by UK site BikeSocial, the most significant change is a supposed big bore, to the 1100 cc range, resulting in a 5 hp boost to approximately 99 hp. The new engine will also be Euro5-legal, to keep sales alive in the EU. Other changes would include a new set of TFT gauges and larger fuel tank.


  1. My money is on them upping the displacement of the AT to compete with the R1200gs and company and they’re making a hole in the lineup that they’ll fill with a new Transalp to compete with the 790, r850, yammy t7 etc

    Honda isn’t dumb, conservative, but not dumb

  2. So they’re going to make a new Varadero?

    The AT is 1000cc’s. How much bigger is necessary? I can see making changes to be emissions compliant and upgrading components but hopefully they don’t make another top-heavy, bloated Starbucks cruiser out of it.

  3. A bigger engine for the Adventure Sports version would be a good idea. They should also make a smaller one with the 500 engine but the updated 500X looks pretty sweet the way it is.
    The rumour of a 1000 Rebel hasn’t materialized yet.
    The genius at Honda who managed to knock 35lbs off of a CBR300 should work their magic on the AT as well.

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