Shoei, NS West unveil IT-HT smart helmet concept

The upcoming Shoei smart helmet will be expensive, but it will also likely be a game changer.

Shoei and automotive electronics manufacturer NS West have introduced a new helmet at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show with smart technology, including a heads-up display.

We’ve seen considerable development in the smart helmet market in the past few years, but very little advancement from established, respected helmet makers. Schuberth has been toiling away on some high-tech helmets, but they haven’t significantly changed the market yet. The new owners of Skully are trying to bring an updated smart helmet design to market, as are other startups, but for now, the biggest company who’s actively bringing smart helmets forward is Sena. And, while Sena is a respected company, it’s known for its communication technology, not helmet manufacturing.

So, this helmet from Shoei, called the IT-HT, could be a big move forward for the industry. There’s only one problem: For now, it’s just a concept. While there’s a functioning prototype on display, Shoei has not announced availability. In fact, the marketing we’ve seen has come from NS West, who actually designed the electronic bits inside the helmet. The company’s press release (below) does say this lid is destined for mass production, though, so it should just be a matter of time (and, no doubt, lots of money).

Premiere Intelligent Smart Helmet at Las Vegas CES2019

NS West Inc. is developing an Intelligent Smart Helmet (Code name “IT-HL”) for motorcycle riders with SHOEI.

Mass Production is planned in near future.

NS West is holding our first exhibition of our product at CES2019*1(Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada-USA, and we are looking forward to providing everyone the opportunity to try out our new Smart Helmet.

 Our Smart Helmet makes it possible to provide useful information to the rider with minimal eye movement by using a built-in HUDs (Heads Up Display), without sacrificing design and comfort, and still maintain the high safety standards required for Premium Helmets. Therefore, riders can feel safe and enjoy a premier experience.

 In the development of our Smart helmet, NS West used its strength in optical and electronic technology that have been cultivated through the manufacturing and development of HUDs for automobiles, and SHOEI which has the strength of technology that embodies comfort, design, and the highest levels of safety which are indispensable for in the making of premium helmets, have fused together at a high level through the collaboration between our two companies.

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