Ride your bike and make a difference

Blue Tie Ride
  • Barrie, August 10
  • In support of The Gatehouse and Prostate Cancer Canada

Dolly Betancourt, Co-Founder and Co-Chair: “We’ve raised $79,000 in eight years. We split our funds between both charities. The Gatehouse has a special meaning to me — I love getting the word out there and raising funds for them. One in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time that they are 18, so we need to do more. We decided on Prostate Cancer Canada because we do a lot for breast cancer but I think we need to do more for prostate cancer. One in seven men will be diagnosed in Canada. With prevention and testing, it’s 90 per cent preventable, so it’s a matter of being aware. It does save lives.”

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