Ride your bike and make a difference

Ride for Dog Guides
  • Oakville (Ont.), Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and BC, dates TBA
  • In support of Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Katie Gray, event and volunteer co-ordinator: “100 per cent of the proceeds go to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. It goes towards our seven programs that help benefit Canadians who have mobility issues or health issues that prevent them from living independent lives. It takes $25,000 to raise one of these dogs at no cost to our clients, and we receive no government funding.

“We have the K9 vision program that helps people who are visually impaired or blind, our hearing program for people who are deaf or hearing impaired, our service dogs for mobility issues, our seizure response dogs that help alert authorities if their client is having a seizure, autism assistance, diabetic alert, and support dogs for use by professional agencies with individuals in traumatic situations.”

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