Ride your bike and make a difference

Hogs for Hospice
  • Leamington, August 2-4
  • In support of the Erie Shores Health Foundation

Joe Oswald: “It’s a three-day event where about 2,000 bikes simultaneously leave Seacliff Park and go right to the tip of Point Pelee National Park. We have bike games, a custom bike show, a motorcycle stunt show, concerts Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What we’re trying to do is bring Sturgis to the southernmost point of Canada, and we think we’re getting there. As far as at the event itself, we get about 30,000 people coming to the event over the three day period. $2.6 million of new money has come into our town from tourism.

“100 per cent of every dollar that we raise for this event stays in our local community at our local hospice. We are very proud to have gotten a hospice built in our town in 2016. It costs a lot of money to get that facility open — now that it’s open, it’s got about a $500,000 operating budget to keep it open every year, so this event funds that operating cost or a good percentage of it, for us to keep that facility open.”

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