Bob Einstein, aka Super Dave Osborne, has died

Bob Einstein, the actor famous for the role of stunt rider parody Super Dave Osborne, has died.

Einstein, born in 1942 in California, held many roles over his career—writer, producer, and actor in many shows and movies. But to Canadians, he will always be remembered for his role as Super Dave Osborne, a parody of motorcycle daredevils such as Evel Knievel. While Knievel was more or less successful most of the time, Super Dave had much worse luck, despite using his trusty “Saskatchewan seal skin” seatbelts, ski bindings, etc., for his stunts.

Einstein debuted the Super Dave character in 1972 on the John Byner Comedy Hour, and carried it on to appearances on many other shows, including even Late Night With David Letterman. Eventually, the character had his own show, titled Super Dave, which ran 1987-1991, produced in Ontario and aired on Global. Einstein carried the character to other shows in the 1990s as well.

Einstein died in California today. He was 76, and had recently been diagnosed with cancer.


  1. I wasn’t a fan when Super Dave came out but grew into it.
    He did a bit with a fast food outlet where your food was ready in 30 seconds or it was free. It was done in Pickering and 2 people who worked for me went through the drive thru (the set) thinking it was a real restaurant.
    It was cool to see familiar places in Scarborough and Pickering on TV. I’m going to try to find some of the old ones online.
    Rest in peace Bob. You’ll always be Super Dave to this Pickering kid.

  2. Sorry to hear it.76 isn’t a bad age, to be sure. I wish my dad, born the same year as Bob, had made it this far. I hope I do. RIP, Bob, aka Super Dave Osborne. Got a lot of laughs out of your bits back in the day.

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