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Smart Classic is a retro take on the battery bike

Most electric motorcycles have fairly modern styling, but California-based Fly Free Smart is going another way with this new model, dubbed the Classic.

It’s an interesting blend of old and new. It’s aimed at urban use, with a max speed of 80 km/h from its 3000-watt electric motor. Like most battery bikes, there’s no gearshifter; it’s set up to just twist-and-go.

Range is supposed to be 160 km if you install two battery packs; the LG-brand lithium batteries are good for 80 km each, if you’re in eco mode (there are speed and city riding modes as well). They’re supposed to retain 70 per cent of their capacity after 700 charges, and with only one battery, speed is limited to 64 km/h.

So, the technical specs aren’t exactly top-shelf, but would be adequate for many urban riders.

The styling makes this bike much more interesting, though, as it has great classic cafe racer lines, with spoked wheels, clip-ons, a bum-stop seat and many other visual references to the genre.

It’s not just the bodywork that’s attractive; pricing is $6,399 US, which works out to roughly $8,600 CAD. That’s not cheap, but it’s much less than much of the battery bike competition, and this machine is not only good-looking, but it’s also supposed to be easily customized, and it’s not hard to imagine improved batteries coming down the road. So far, though, we haven’t heard anything about Canadian availability.

Find out more about the Fly Free Smart lineup at flyfreesmart.com.


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8 thoughts on “Smart Classic is a retro take on the battery bike”

  1. I find it interesting that so many electric bikes are sportsbikes – an area of motorcycling that is dying. So this bike appeals to the hipsters but how large is that cohort? If Millenials are the future for electric bikes, do you think they’d be more inclined toward a naked look that is more comfortable and a style all groups might embrace?

  2. Nice little bike but those prices, ouch! If you want small low maintenance with a low carbon footprint, the CSC Sand Gabriel 250 is just $2000.00 dollars in the states or find a Sym Wolf 150 classic used for a couple of grand. Both those bikes are pretty damn environmentally friendly compared to the size of the vehicles on our roads today and they’ll do 110 kmph.

  3. Another interesting e bike. There are several other brands with similar bikes about to be offered, such as Denzel, Onyx and Cake. However, whether or not these and others actually go on sale is another matter. Also, thisoneis expensive.

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