Reports from US say ‘Busa production to continue


Maybe, reports of the Suzuki Hayabusa’s demise are greatly exaggerated—maybe.

Although there are confirmed reports the Suzuki Hayabusa is canceled in Europe due to Euro4 regulations and even no longer for sale in the Japanese domestic market, Suzuki’s American arm says “U.S. market production of the Hayabusa sport motorcycle continues uninterrupted.” Errrr … that’s not quite the same as saying the model will be built past the current 2019 models on the market.

What is highly possible is our suggestion from earlier this week: the Hayabusa is indeed continuing on in its current format in North America while Suzuki works on its successor. There have been rumours of a turbocharged Hayabusa for some time, and maybe we’re seeing the first moves in that machine’s introduction? Or maybe not. It would certainly be wild to imagine another supercharged hyperbike on the market to compete with the Kawi H2 line.




  1. Ecovangelism 1.3 l is half the displacement of a NA compact car. It’s a recreational vehicle operated during the summer and then only on weekends. There are 3 people in Europe who commute on Hayabusas. We could all run around on tz750s and it would increase pollution by 1 ten billionth of a percent.

    • ok Professor Relic, PHD in NOTHING.

      if 99% of the worlds Real Scientist are right? we won’t be driving anything soon thanks to Americanized hot air like you…

      • RMc-Canada…well, when Africa, Asia, Central + South America don’t have any emission standards, it’s rather arrogant to think that North America and EU increasing the already very stringent emission standards will make even a scintilla of difference to ‘global’ pollution or betterment of air ‘quality’. Enviro-Nazis are HILARIOUS. smh.

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