Wolfman launches Unrack luggage system, mini tank bag


Wolfman has introduced a new luggage rack that improves over its old Rolie saddlebag mounts.

The new Unrack system appears to mostly function the same as the old Rolie mounts (which we reviewed back in 2013). There are two key parts to the design. The first is a harness that straps to the bike’s tail section, cinching down to hard points like grab rails or footpegs, etc. The second component is the actual bags thesmelves; the sides of the harness will take Wolfman’s roll-top Rolie bags, and the top takes either Rolie bags or a Wolfman duffel.

The new Unrack harness comes in two configurations, the B-Base (pictured above) and the E-Base (pictured below), while the older-style Rolie mount was only available in a single shape. According to the people at Wolfman, this should make it easier to use the mount on either a standard-sized bike (you’d buy the B-Base) or a skinnier enduro-style machine (you’d buy the E-Base). This is progress in the right direction, as the problem with much of the one-size-fits-all luggage on the market is that it doesn’t fit anything particularly well. It also makes us wonder if we’ll see further evolution of this design in coming months aimed at standard, scrambler or sport motorcycles.

The E-Base is designed to fit enduro-style bikes, while the B-Base (above) is for larger adventure-style bikes.

Along with the evolved soft luggage, Wolfman also unveiled a new minimalist tank bag (called the Tin Cup) which is designed to function as a wallet carrier, basically. The design also allows this bag to be strapped to the bike’s number plate or even used as a pouch on a belt. And, if you travel with tent poles, a camera tripod or a folding chair, Wolfman’s also built the new Pitkin Pole Bag, designed to handle those sorts of objects conveniently, as they don’t usually fit into Rolie bags or other similar soft luggage.


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