Indian updates Ride Command infotainment system

Indian has updated its Ride Command infotainment system for 2019, announcing the changes today at the New York motorcycle show.

It sounds as if the Ride Command system Indian is putting on its motorcycles is very similar to the one announced by Indian’s parent company Polaris for the Slingshot three-wheeler. It offers the same wireless integration to mobile devices and map downloads from desktops. The onboard GPS software allows for routes with up to 100 waypoints.

As well, the Ride Command app will interface between your motorcycle and mobile device to help you keep on top of maintenance records.

The app itself is free, and can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices through the Apple Store or Google Play. More details in the press release below.


New Software Update & Mobile App Offer Online Route Planning with

Wireless Bike Transfer & Remote Vehicle Information Accessibility

MINNEAPOLIS (November 30, 2018) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, continues to enhance its rider experience with the announcement of an all-new Ride Command® mobile phone app and software update. Ride Command is the largest, fastest, most customizable system on two wheels, featuring an industry-leading, glove-compatible, seven-inch touchscreen. Its latest software updates allow riders to easily plan ride routes via a desktop platform, while an all-new Ride Command mobile app wirelessly transfers the directions to the bike’s navigation system and provides remote accessibility to key vehicle information.

Owners can update their Ride Command by visiting a local dealership or by quickly downloading the software to a USB drive at The website also serves as the platform for riders to plan ride routes with up to 100 waypoints. The point-by-point directions can then be wirelessly transferred to the bike using the Ride Command mobile app and a Bluetooth® connection to the infotainment system. The pairing of these new technologies allows riders to view vehicle data, including fuel level, oil life, tire pressure & battery charge remotely on their mobile device. Riders can also track rides, view service recommendations and log maintenance within the mobile app. The Ride Command mobile app can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and Google Play.

“We continually focus on enhancing the rider experience,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle. “Our industry-leading Ride Command infotainment system is an easy-to-use platform that enables us to continually expand features with exciting new software updates. Pre-ride route planning and remote vehicle data accessibility are features our riders have asked for, and we’re excited to deliver these technologies.” 

Riders can set push notifications within the Ride Command mobile app and receive alerts for important service reminders. The app also tracks rides and allows riders to conveniently share completed or planned rides with friends on Facebook. 

Riders can further update their Ride Command by downloading the free 2018 map updates at the Ride Command website or via a local dealer. New Chieftain and Roadmaster owners receive three years of complementary map updates.


  1. Probably just me, but I could not care less about “ride command infotainment” systems.
    Are they (like the bike) not for old people?
    And although I AM old thank goodness I’m not yet ready for one of these porky (and expensive) station-wagon-cycles, heheh…

    • The manufacturers perceive it as a way to demand a lot of money for a machine that, really, is no more of a motorcycle than a CBR250. I have no idea what sales stats say, but I suspect it’s not a great idea when we see infotainment systems upgraded and MSRPs the same. Those buyers who can afford Ride Command are, in many cases, not going to be buying motorcycles for much longer.

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