Why doesn’t Tom Cruise wear a motorcycle helmet?

Tom Cruise: He’s starred in a gazillion action films, as well as some watchable stuff. In many of them, he rides a motorcycle. This is because (in case you didn’t know), Tom Cruise likes motorcycles. He Likes Them A Lot. No mystery there. The mystery is, why doesn’t Tom Cruise bother wearing a motorcycle helmet in these motorcycle scenes? After careful analysis, we think we’ve come up with some possible answers.

Kelly McGillis doesn’t seem as thrilled about this helmet-free ride as Tom Cruise does!
Top Gun (1986)

This is the first movie where Tom Cruise does a motorcycle scene; having paid his dues riding a bicycle in Risky Business, the Hollywood Establishment decided he was now allowed to add a motor to those two wheels. What better way to celebrate than to rip around on your GPZ900R with the wind in your hair?


    • But, little known Tom Cruise fact, he actually spent years of his childhood in Canada! Oughtn’t he to have learned his lesson then?

      • Better give him The Order Of Canada. All former Canadian celebrities who give up their passports to live in the United States get one. They fly in and wax on about their childhoods in Thunder Bay or wherever then fly back to America. Do I sound jealous? I am.

        • Some even teach in American universities for years, then run for the Prime Minister’s job … now that I put it that way, it does sound like a pretty clever scam.

  1. It’s click-bate simple. Tom Cruise wants everyone to know that he does his own stunts. And the knee-down without sliders was just to show that he can.

    • It’s not like they couldn’t deep-fake his face on to a stunt rider with modern tech. It’s just silly at this point, although I get why it’s expedient for storylines and blah blah blah. But to shoehorn a motorcycle scene into a dozen movies and not wear a helmet in any of them?????

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