Brodie Buchan to race AMA flat track in 2019


Brodie Buchan is planning to take on the American Flat Track series for 2019, racing a Kawasaki 750 in the Production Twins class.

Buchan has raced some one-off events in the US, and has always seen decent results, considering his limited time on US tracks. He’s one of the front runners in Flat Track Canada events, although a mid-summer injury torpedoed his chance at this year’s title. He was champion of the 2017 Expert DTX and Expert classes, and also won the 2016 Expert DTX class in FTC racing.

Now, he’s starting to raise money for his full-season attack on the US series. He’s riding the Kawasaki for Baer Racing, and plans to attend all the US events, coast to coast, while still fitting in Canadian races where he can. See his announcement here for more details, and maybe see if you can help him out with his fundraising for 2019.

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