Aerostich releases its 2018 Holiday Catalogue

All-weather riding gear like the Aerostich R3 is made to shed water and dry out quickly, not something you'd typically find with leather.

If you’re a serious street rider, there’s one shop that carries top riding gear, top accessories, and all around useful riding gear—Aerostich. And just in time for Christmas, Aerostich has released its 2018 Holiday Catalogue.

Along with its usual selection of high-end textile suits, the 32-page catalogue has books, coffee mugs, tools and other things you didn’t know you needed, like a pocket sundial. Most importantly for this time of year, there are motorcycle-themed decorative lights. You know you pretty much need these for your tree.

Situated in Duluth, Minnesota, the Aerostich HQ is actually fairly accessible for many Canadians, and the storefront is a good way to scratch a moto-itch now that the snow is here.

View the PDF version of Aerostich’s catalogue here.


  1. Did the round Lake Superior ride last September. Left Quebec city after Labour Day but unfortunately made it to Duluth the next Sunday and the store was closed. Had shined my Battle Boots for the occasion. Well, maybe next time.

    • Yeah, they have lots of titanium (as do I – mug, pots, pans, wrenches, spork, stoves etc.) but the one thing missing from my collection is the titanium tire levers. Of course, I could have saved a lot more weight and a couple grand by snacking less but it is easier and more fun to buy titanium.

    • You got me all excited that the titanium tire levers were back in stock, but alas, they are not. They stopped making them a few years ago. I just missed out. They do however sell the Motion Pro aluminium tire lever axle wrench combo things which are almost as cool.

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