Superbike madness: 45 photos of the beautiful 2019 BMW S1000 RR

Earlier this week, we gave you the details on the 2019 BMW S1000 RR superbike: horsepower up, weight down, and a redesigned engine with Shiftcam variable valve timing.

Hot stuff indeed, and you can read it all here. But, what we didn’t have at that time was photos of the new bike. We’ve got ’em now, and you can sort through them below. Beware, prolonged exposure to these pics may result in severe lightening of your wallet!


Check out all the pics that go with this story!


  1. Seriously $18,900 for the full spec bike? For now I am going to assume this is the base price as per typical BMW (I own one!!) and the bike fully loaded is more like 24K. We shall see, if that is full spec bike, wow. At that price maybe I really do “need” a superbike. Cam

    • I think the “base” bike is pretty loaded, but as you point out, BMW is pretty good at keeping you from getting the whole experience unless you cough up extra dough, particularly with the ADV lineup.

  2. Are those carbon fibre wheels stock – on the basic model? Amazing!
    Well at least it now displays a symmetrical face, and with both headlights shining…
    Looks better.

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