Triumph announces Bonneville T120 Ace, Bonneville T120 Diamond

Triumph hasn’t announced any all-new machines at the EICMA show, but did show off two special editions of its Bonneville T120 platform—the Bonneville T120 Ace and the Bonneville T120 Diamond.

The Bonneville T120 Ace is based of a T120 Black, but with a paint scheme commemorating London’s famous Ace Cafe, one of the original cafe racer hangouts decades ago, with the restored version now a veritable Mecca for motorheads looking to relive their glory days.

This is mechanically identical to the standard T120, with the same wheels, suspension, engine, chassis and so on. The paint scheme is unique to the machine, and there are blacked-out intake covers, engine badges and seat. The rear fender is stripped down, there are skinny-Minnie-May LED turn signals (if your market allows them), and some special Ace Cafe and Triumph badges on the bike.

Only 1,400 of these machines will be made. No word yet if it’s coming to Canada, but if the chassis, brakes, engine, and all the other mechanical bits are the same, it’s hard to imagine why it couldn’t come here.

That also applies to the Bonneville T120 Diamond. Mechanically, it’s the same as every other T120 Bonneville. It’s got some chrome bits and bobs tacked on, a Union Jack painted on the fuel tank,  and a super-limited production run of 800 or 900 units, depending who you believe. Either way, you won’t see many of them around, although we’d imagine a few will find their way to Canada.

The Triumph T120 Diamond is basically the same as every other Bonneville T120, but with a nice paint job.



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