Honda CB500, CBR500 get engine upgrades, styling revamp

Like the CB500X, the Honda CBR500 and CB500F are all getting engine upgrades and other revisions for 2019.

The CBR500 sport bike and CB500F naked bike aren’t stars of the lineup, but they are a significant piece of Honda’s sales, so it makes sense for Big Red to keep them relevant. For that reason, their midrange horsepower and torque are improved, thanks to changes in timing, intake and exhaust. However, peak horsepower from the 471 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin seems to be unchanged.┬áThere’s also a new assist/slipper clutch.

All the 500 line gets a new LCD dash, complete with gear indicator.

Breaking it down into the individual machines, the CBR500 is restyled for 2019, with more angular bodywork and a sportier riding position. LED headlights are now standard, and there’s a new rear shock. Wet weight is supposed to be 192 kg.

The CB500F doesn’t get the LED headlights, but it gets pretty much all the rest of the same modifications as the CBR. It weighs a hair less, at 189 kg. Of course, it also gets some styling changes for 2019.

We’re sure to see these machines in Canada in time for the 2019 riding season, in the $7,000ish range.


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