CBR650: Sportier, faster for 2019

Honda’s revamped its inline-four 650 platform this year, benefiting not only the CB650R but also the sensible CBR650 sport tourer.

Thanks in part to a new exhaust and intake system, the engine sees horsepower up five per cent, with a redline up 1,000 rpm—that means max output at roughly 95 hp, at least for the Euro model. Honda also cut the bike’s weight by 6 kg by revising the frame and subtracting all over the rest of the machine. So, power-to-weight is improved by about eight per cent, in total.

And, a quickshifter is optional, if you feel you need to blast through the gears.

Throughout its production run, the CBR650 has run counter to the CBR600 as a machine adapted to everyday riding, thanks to a more upright position in the cockpit. That changes a bit this time, as the 2019 CBR650 sees footpegs moved backward and the handlebars moving a bit forward, although they’re also higher-mounted as well, which should make things a little less cramped. Overall, though, the bike has a more sporty riding stance.

Bodywork has also received a general restyling. Seat height is 810 mm. Curb weight is 208 kg. We haven’t seen the exact details, but suspension and brakes are supposed to be upgraded this year as well—but there’s no leaning ABS option or other electro-trickery just yet, only standard ABS.

Honda Canada hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the CBR650 yet.


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