Kawasaki says no 2019 KLR650 for Canada

Earlier this week, we told you about the speculation surrounding Kawasaki’s popular KLR650 dual sport/adventure bike, and said while there’s no confirmation of cancellation, it looks as if the model is done.

Now, we have Kawasaki Canada’s official statement, from Brad Goodbody: “I can confirm that model year 2018 will be the final year for the iconic KLR650. There will not be a 2019 KLR650 in the line up for Canadian Kawasaki Motors, however there will be 2018 models available in limited quantities.”

So, you can still buy a brand-new KLR650, but you might not be able to do so for much longer.

The next question is, will Team Green be replacing the big thumper, and if so, with what? Is a Versys-X 400 just around the corner?


  1. I have been riding for 42 years. Ridden street bikes, motocrossers and enduros. For the last 11 years I have ridden a 04 KLR and it’s the best “Urban Assault Vehicle” I’ve ever had. I can cruise back roads all day ( I’m retired) and can find short cuts to beat traffic where big cruisers won’t go. Yes it’s under powered, but it gets the job done without the front end coming up when you don’t want it to. It’s been a great bike. I’m keeping it.

  2. I had a KLR (’08), and it was an overweight pig. I have a Super Tenere now, and it’s also an overweight pig, but at least it’s a pig with almost 100hp. There is very little the KLR could do that the Super T can’t. The KLR was cheaper, and felt it too…

    As a poster said above, Kawi wasn’t going to move on until the old Killer was let go…

  3. I had KLR and it was a great bike but loved the DR more, but for the little gas tank, If they could come out with a bike that performed like the DR but with a much larger gas tank, that is what I am hopping for. I do like the Honda CB 500 X but needs much better shocks and larger front tire ( a 21″ would be Great.)
    When I go for a ride I do not want to have to be looking for gas, want a bike that can get over 400 k that is a good days ride for me, and 500 + would be even better.

  4. Just got my temporary Québec motorcycle license on October 16. Was considering the KLR 650. It has such a nice and helpful community. Let’s wait to see what will be coming out at EICMA. There are four bikes that will be launch in Milan by Kawasaki. See 4 bikes in background in the picture at http://kawasaki.com. Hopefully, on of those will replace the KLR 650. Maybe something to compete with the Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid. Why not?

  5. This story and the last one https://canadamotoguide.com/2018/10/16/is-the-klr650-canceled-still-no-word/ and a bunch before that, reminds me of one of the editors of motorcycle daily that used to “make his predictions” and then for the next two years say “I told you so”. I quit reading that website about 10 years ago. What evidence do you have that large cylinders automatically have high emissions? you have a link showing emmissions from a fuel injected with catalytic converter twin cylinder kawasaki passing emmisions test compared to a klr650 single cylinder kawasaki (without fuel injection and catalytic converter) also passing emmisions test (what does that prove?). Maybe Honda Kawasaki and Yamaha have done their market research and want to come out with something new such as honda 450L or yamaha 700 tenere or kawasaki ??? because the old 30 year old designs were running out of prospective purchasers and they can make more money on an all new bike? You haven’t told me anything. If you want to say “I told you so” read up on “Kevin Cameron on Cycle World” first on how to write a great article also with evidence to back it up, and he never says “I told you so” .

    • I don’t believe they were trying to claim anything. CMG speculated, like every other North American rag, that the KLR didn’t look like it was carrying over next year. They then got the official word and confirmed it. You, however, just wrote a lot while saying very little. If the KLR won’t pass Euro 4 then NA is the only market and no one builds one for only one market aside from small displacement machines.

  6. Having owned the previous generation KLR I think it’s about time for something new. If they put the 400 twin engine in a new bike I hope it’s not like the Versys and instead sticks to the 21” front wheel. KLR 400 would be good. The 650 twin engine would also be a good candidate seeing that there are some homebuilt KLRs with that engine.

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