What’s the perfect police bike?

Forget the standard motorcycle magazine shootouts—we’ve got a new test for you to check out, pitting the seven hottest police bikes against each other. And, instead of overpaid journos, we’ve got lean, mean police officers behind the bars, so you know the results will have no bias.

And, if police are going to be involved in a shootout, we’re sure this is the kind they’d prefer.

The test in question is the Michigan State Police evaluation of 2019 patrol vehicles. They test all sorts of vehicles in this procedure — cars, SUVs and motorcycles. This year, they took a look at the 2019 BMW F750 GS-P, F850 GS-P and R1250RT-P, along with Harley-Davidson’s FLHTP, FLHP Stage 1, FLHTP Stage 2 and Yamaha FJR1300AP (could that make this the first review of the new BMW R1250 platform? Who knew those coppers would get the jump on us journos?).

Four officers tested the seven bikes, last names Darlington, Cupp, Rogers and Tibaudo. The test involved “dynamics” (probably code language for a cone course), braking and acceleration.

The objective winner of the test? The BMR 1250RT-P, which won the dynamics test, braked the best, and was second-fastest in the speed tests (see the full results at the Michigan State Police site).

5 thoughts on “What’s the perfect police bike?”

  1. So, HD bikes are slower than molasses running uphill in January? Even in extra special (expensive) “Stage 2”?

    In other news, the sky is blue…

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