Peugeot back to building bikes?

Peugeot is the world’s oldest scooter manufacturer, but the French manufacturer is now looking at building motorcycles again as well.

At Intermot, Peugeot unveiled two new concept bikes, a 125 cc and 300 cc version of basically the same design. Peugeot calls it the P2X.

The 300 cc version has a cafe racer style, while the 125 cc version is more of a standard roadster. Both engines are liquid-cooled DOHC thumpers. Both bikes have dual rear shocks, as a nod to the past, but also modern touches like TFT dash and ABS brakes. Both bikes have capability for Bluetooth integration to smartphones and similar devices, allowing for music streaming and other functionality. Fancy-pants stuff, for an entry-level machine!

We haven’t seen any official write-up on where the components for these motorcycles are actually produced. Peugeot has a factory in France, but also a factory in China, and is 51 per cent owned by Indian manufacturing giant Mahindra. Most likely, it will be assembled in France from parts made in Asia.

Will it come to Canada? We doubt it. Although globalism has taken over the motorcycle industry, as seen above, for some reason it doesn’t seem to be sending more machines our way, especially if they’re small-displacement bikes like these.


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