Not for Canada: New Horex VR6 appears at Intermot


Horex is definitely a fringe manufacturer, making machines that you don’t often see in Europe, and never in Canada—they don’t sell them here.

But just because they’re not one of the more commonly-seen manufacturers doesn’t mean they’re not busy making cool stuff. This new VR6 RAW is evidence of that.

The made-in-Germany VR6 is based around a narrow-angle 1218 cc V6 engine. The engine has a triple overhead cam configuration and three valves per cylinder. Output is supposedly 163 hp and 94 lb-ft of torque.

Horex has been making bikes based on this platform for a while, and the RAW is just the latest take on it. It’s set apart by a unique finish and TFT dash—say goodbye to the spartan equipment found on previous naked bikes. This bike is set up for communication with electronic devices such as your phone, which should enable GPS navigation and communication integration.

To minimize weight, the bike has an aluminum frame. Up front, there’s an Ohlins 43 mm upside-down fork and in back, a TTX36 Ohlins monoshock; both front and rear suspension are fully adjustable. Dual 320 mm front discs (with Brembo M50 four-piston calipers) and 264 mm rear disc (with two-piston caliper) slow the bike down.

It’s available in either a matte or gloss black finish, but, as said above, not available in Canada. At least not anytime soon. Bummer. But even if it was, the customer list would be pretty short, as the asking price in the EU is about €35,000, which works out to $51,000 CAD. Ouch.


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