Updated Energica Ego shown at Intermot


Energica presented its new Ego Sport Black at Intermot, showing the company is serious about moving electric motorcycling forward a step at a time.

Energica doesn’t have much presence in North America, but it’s definitely one of the hottest electric motorcycle brands to watch, especially since its bikes were chosen to run in the MotoE race series.

The Ego Sport Black is really just a different paint job for the standard Ego Sport machine; all the Energica models benefit from upgrades next year, not just this one. For 2019, Energica has included heated grips on its machines, improved onboard charger (with 15 per cent shorter charging time), six-level traction control, cruise control, and an electronically-controlled throttle that’s supposed to be even more sensitive to minute throttle openings (obviously a very good thing for the MotoGP project).

All 2019 Ego motorcycles will have multiple riding modes and users will also be able to switch between a selection of regenerative braking modes. There’s also a fast charge option—no word on what the resulting charge times will be.

Interestingly, Energica is also introducing some software updates that won’t just be available for 2019 models, but can also be retroactively installed on previous models. The updates mostly affect the charging system, with tweaks that can alter your charging time, put your bike into a silent charging mode or interrupt the charging process at a predetermined level.

All cool stuff for sure, and no doubt the future of the industry. However, it will no doubt be a while before you see it here; although WC Distributing announced its intention to import Energica’s motorcycles some time back, we still haven’t seen any of the machines on the streets.

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