Nobility upgraded: KTM Super Duke GT revised for 2019

What’s orange, fast, and comes with hard luggage? The answer is the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT, and for 2019, it’s getting some upgrades.

The engine was updated for 2019, with new titanium inlet valves and resonator chambers along with engine mapping, so now the engine makes 175 hp, allegedly. There’s even a Track riding mode now, allowing the touring enthusiast to take off his/her bags and lay some hot laps down, if so desired.

To go with the added power, the new bike has a Quickshifter+ system as well.

The WP suspension is still electronically adjustable, but its settings have been updated for 2019.  It’s supposed to be easier to adjust now, partly thanks to a new 6.5-inch TFT dash (with infotainment system compatibility via Bluetooth). Other touring-friendly upgrades include cornering lights built into the bodywork, along with built-in storage and a USB charger.

The windscreen was also revised for 2019, making it easier to adjust the shield. And, the headlight is updated as well. The handguards are more aerodynamic in next year’s model, and cruise control switchgear is revised as well.

Check out those new headlights.


  1. I get the feeling it will sell better now that it is upgraded to the level of other KTM models. Made no sense before unless you were craving a discount.

    The question is: Will we get it in Canada?

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