Here are more details on the Moto Guzzi V85 TT


The production version of Moto Guzzi’s V85 TT adventure bike is at Intermot, which means we’ve got more details on the throwback machine.

To go with those vintage dune-blasting aesthetics, the V85 TT has a 21-litre fuel tank, TFT dash, ABS, traction control. ABS and traction control both have Road, Off-Road and Rain modes. There’s a 19-inch wheel up front and a 17-inch wheel in  back, with spoked rims, natch. That’s good for bumpy roads, but not great for really hardcore smashing around off-piste.

The 850 cc engine itself is similar to the V9, but with titanium intake valves and hot cam, new 52 mm throttle body, and a scavenging oil pump that supposedly keeps temperatures so low that this engine doesn’t even need an oil cooler. In an age where the big adventure bikes are all liquid-cooled and even retro-styled Scramblers feature big oil coolers hanging off the engine at the very least, the idea of a completely air-cooled big V-twin is so old-school, it’s novel.

The engine is expected to make about 78 hp, thanks to the changes from the V9 design. Moto Guzzi reckons they can get it through Euro5 testing. It’s a stressed member of the frame as well. The rest of the frame is steel tubing, and the swingarm is aluminum.

Of course, the bike has shaft drive. The bike has a TFT dash and adjustable windscreen. Aluminum luggage will be available as add-on accessories.

One important number we don’t have is a weight, but given the bike’s imposing bulk and its wheel selection, it’s not going to be a lightweight single-tracker.


  1. hmmm I love my Guzzi Breva for touring. Guzzi is apparently italian for “Reliable. Simple. Bulletproof and Fun”. But Breva, fun as she is in twisty as[phalt, is a bit awful on a gravel road, and I would never think of taking her to Ushuaia. Meanwhile my Triumph Tiger is way better on asphalt or gravel than than those silly overpriced, overblown beemers – but arguably not as great in dirt as a KTM but on the other hand WAAAAAY more reliable (I miss y old KTM 640 Adv but I don’t miss working on it 24/7).

    So a reliable simple guzzi ADV? interesting!

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