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Limited edition lunacy: Behold the 209 hp Suzuki GSX-R1000 Ryuoyo

The Suzuki GSX-R1000R is already a pretty decent sport bike, far more than the average rider can every really ride to its potential. But Suzuki Moto Italia reckoned they could still do better, and have come out with this limited-edition version of the bike that’s got more power, better suspension—everything the truly discerning sportbike rider wants.

Given that it’s an Italian project, the GSX-R1000 Ryuyo officially debuts at EICMA. Not that it matters to most of the world; there will only be 20 units built, so while it will be cool to see the machine’s final form, it’s not as if you’re going to get one for your garage (if you did want one, it’d set you back around $45,000 CAD, and that’s before you ship it across the Atlantic and try to sneak it into Canada).

But the builders say it will be the fastest GSX-R1000R ever, with 209 hp. A glimpse at the bike’s website shows plenty of other interesting information as well. The Ryuyo has carbon-fibre fairing, adjustable GP EVO footpegs, titanium Yoshimure exhaust, Ohlins suspension (NIX30 forks up front and TTXGP shock in rear), and Brembo braking bits. Head to the Ryuyo’s website for more information (you’ll need Google Translate, or a friend that speaks Italian …).

6 thoughts on “Limited edition lunacy: Behold the 209 hp Suzuki GSX-R1000 Ryuoyo”

  1. Judging by the number of t shirt/sneaker shod yahoos screaming around here in the night, there in the middle of the night there is indeed a sucker born every minute along with someone to finance it.

  2. Have to think the sports bikes manufactures are missing the mark by turning liter bikes into un-obtainium…. or are we seeing the end of the line for the category?

    Are they jacking the prices & gizmo’s up on the machines because they know real world sales numbers are falling through the floor and only a select few now want such machines. Are insurance rates finally crushing Joe Public out of the scene? Is no-one interested in sport bikes anymore?

    It seems the Japanese want to compete with the likes of Ducati in price. Heck look at the KTM president Nanny telling us such machines are to fast for our own good.

    Anyone know what is going on?

  3. Ryuoyo – the answer to a question no one has asked?
    Look around you, guys. Do you see the Nürburgring anywhere?
    I see curbs, potholes, mud, sand, streetcar tracks, heheh…
    (And legions of people in dark-colored German cars working their phones furiously. In heavy traffic.)
    I think this new Indian FTR1200 could be much more ‘the correct tool for the job’.
    Can’t wait to see it in October!

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