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Looks like there’s a new Suzuki Katana coming!

For years now, Suzuki has been teasing a revival of the Katana line, renewing patents on the name and bringing concept bikes to the show circuit. Now, we get a video that hints we’ll see the final results at Intermot next month.

The video doesn’t say a lot, but this clip from Suzuki shows someone crafting a sword and has the right sound effects. Stay tuned, Katana fans, your brand might be back!

One thought on “Looks like there’s a new Suzuki Katana coming!”

  1. Hope a Katana is coming back! In fact that Katanas are coming back! I owned a Katana 1100 and that bike was tough as a farm tractor, slim, fast . It started even in frigging cold days and ad only one fault… 16 inch diameter wheels… could not get great modern tires of the right sizes…ih and the electrically adjustable windscreen/deflector was a joke! But Damn i loved that bike! And did it accelerated! Tall and slim, it cut through the air… a real saber! Hope a bug Katana will make it over here.

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