The other side of Cape Breton

Nothing like waking up to see it raining out on the hotel lawn …

Rainy ride home

And here it was Sunday — time for a rainy ride home to Saint John. Thankfully, the skies cleared up about an hour after we left Cape Breton, and we dried out the rest of the way home. And I had time to think in the saddle — think about the rides I’d taken through Nova Scotia with Editor ‘Arris over the years; think about my RF900R and how the 21-year-old machine had taken everything I’d thrown at it, and more; think about how much fun it was to get away from the real world for four days and focus on nothing but coffee, gas and food. And most of all, think about how to find time to do it all again.

Thankfully, the weather cleared up after we’d ridden the mainland for a while, allowing for a few last-minute sweepers.


Special thanks to Destination Cape Breton for arranging accommodations for Matt and myself in a hurry. The Maritime Inn (Port Hawkesbury) was just what we needed: a place to rest up at the end of a long ride Thursday, well located to kick off the riding on the island. The Birches (Ben Eoin) and the Silver Dart Lodge (Baddeck) were both excellent locations for our purposes, and I was a bit disappointed I didn’t have time to enjoy them more, but when you’ve got a lot of riding to do, and a short time to do it, sacrifices must be made …


  1. Oh how I wan’t to retrace your ride! I already bookmarked it and if it’s not going to be this fall, it’ll be next year.

  2. We did the Cabot trail and around the Bras d’Or by car several years ago. We concluded that ‘scenic’ on the route signs was actually Gaelic for ´pothole’! Beautiful country and friendly folks, though.

  3. The ride report is excellent! And thanks for adding in the google maps feature, that is brilliant! I’ve done this rip about six times now, but you managed to add a few roads to my list for my next trip out that way.

    Can’t wait for the next tour, On the DR650? 🙂

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